Atlas Welcomes a New Generation of Hospitality Professionals!

You may have heard about Atlas Travel’s involvement with Milford High School’s Hospitality and Tourism Management Program in our headquarters town of Milford, Massachusetts. We topped off 2014 by hosting the students in the program at our headquarters for a day of education and enrichment.

Atlas Travel Training Manager Guida Botelho was the primary contact for the students and guided them through a tour of Atlas departments and a special training session where they learned the basics of what actually goes on inside a travel management company. They were introduced to everything from MICE to MarCom and the difference between corporate travel and vacation services.

CEO Elaine Osgood spent some time with the group, explaining what her experience had been starting the business as an individual entrepreneur almost 30 years ago. Her stories captured the students’ attention with comments like, “I remember the difficulty of finding our first client. I would go through the phone book and call companies in the area, asking if they needed a travel agency. ‘No thank you!’ they’d say, slamming down the phone… and after each call, I’d tear up a bit, wipe my eyes with a tissue, and call the next number until I finally got a ‘yes.’ That taught me, more than anything else, the value of our clients. They’ve put their trust in us to help their travelers, and to deliver what we say we can. Since those days, my philosophy has always been to take care of every customer, no matter what.”

The students were also introduced to a 2015 project that is designed to give them very real travel experience – the production of a Travel Night that is planned to take place on Wednesday, May 6th at The Doubletree Hotel in Milford. As the program continues, the students will develop a marketing plan, work with vendors like Royal Caribbean and Disney, and coordinate with our Vacations & Cruises department to promote the event, and maybe even sell a few trips!

According to Milford High School Program Coordinator Katie Maloney, the students loved their real-world field trip and several are now very interested in further exploring careers as travel agents, which is music to the ears of Atlas Travel employees. Raising awareness of travel agency careers is at the core of Elaine Osgood’s passion about this program and early indicators are that it is working as planned. Stay tuned for more information about the 2015 Travel Night…we’d love to see you there.


For more information on Atlas Travel, visit www.atlastravel.com.


About Atlas Travel & Technology Group

Headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts, Atlas Travel & Technology Group is an award-winning company, bringing corporate travel management leader Atlas Travel and technology innovator Prime Numbers Technology under one umbrella. Atlas Travel provides global corporate travel management and vacation planning, as well as meeting, incentive, convention and event services. In addition, they provide worldwide assistance to clients through Atlas Travel & Technology Group Ltd., their wholly owned London travel company, as well as through an affiliation with BCD Travel, one of the largest global travel organizations in the world. Prime Numbers Technology is dedicated to helping clients drive significant savings in business spend through industry-recognized data analytics and benchmarking solutions.

2 comments on “Atlas Welcomes a New Generation of Hospitality Professionals!

  1. I am so excited that this program is off and running and that we are hearing wonderful feedback from the students. One of our goals for participating is to ensure that more young people are exposed to what happens at a TMC and for them to realize all the opportunity there is in a company such as Atlas. Going into the program in September, most students thought the only position available in an agency was a vacation agent. They have gained a great deal of awareness in a very short period of time and better understand the variety of career paths available to them..

  2. Great job, MHS students! We are so proud of you!

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