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Atlas Travel & Technology Group Brings Two Travel Industry Leaders Under One Umbrella

Milford, MA – 4/4/13 – Elaine Osgood has launched Atlas Travel & Technology Group, Inc., a new company bringing corporate travel management leader Atlas Travel and technology innovator Prime Numbers Technology under one umbrella. Osgood launched Atlas Travel in 1986, and Prime Numbers Technology was created in 2007, by both Osgood and Rock Blanco, who served as president of the technology company until his recent departure to pursue other endeavors.

“This is a very exciting time in the evolution of both companies,” said Osgood. “The team at Prime Numbers is soon to release Travel HD, a totally evolved version of the technology offering that has been known as Travel GPA. Travel HD takes the original travel report card concept and catapults it into a more comprehensive product to answer the needs of Prime Numbers Technology customers. At the same time, our Atlas Travel team is expanding into new markets and rolling out Atlas Travel Concourse, a completely new and robust suite of solutions and services unlike anything we have done before.”

According to Osgood, Atlas Travel & Technology will be organized around an entirely new structure with a C-level management team presiding over both companies under this umbrella group. Atlas Travel & Technology Group management will immediately include: CEO Elaine Osgood, COO Lea Cahill, CFO John Hannon and CISO/VP Dan Reagan.

Atlas Travel will continue to operate under its current leadership team and deliver services as the Global Travel Management, Vacations & Cruises and Meetings & Incentives divisions.

Prime Numbers Technology will continue under the leadership of Jason Gabor and Doug Vasquez, who will continue in their roles as chief technology officer and vice president of the company. Both Gabor and Vasquez have leveraged their previous experience with TRX in leading the new concept development for Travel HD.

According to Osgood, Travel HD is a web-based tool that gives corporations and their travel agency partners the ability to compare, analyze, control and reduce travel spending. The Prime Numbers Technology Team will expand in April with a new director of business development and product marketing to kick off the new release.

Osgood’s enthusiasm about this initiative to host both companies under the Atlas Travel & Technology Group umbrella is only outweighed by her determination to continue each company’s individual trajectory of success.

“The importance of church and state is essential to assure each company’s success,” said Osgood, citing success stories of TMC and travel technology supplier/vendor relationships including Sabre and Travelocity or ITA and Google, “and we have worked very hard to create a structure that maintains the integrity of each organization.”

Atlas Travel & Technology Group CFO John Hannon said, “To ensure data integrity and security is in place, we have established a separation between company operations. In this age of shared services within related businesses, it is imperative that separation of data exists not only in form, but in fact, to eliminate even the possibility of data compromise.”

“We have strict policies in place,” said Atlas Travel & Technology Group CISO/VP Dan Reagan. “As we designed this umbrella group, we took a hard look at which employees would have access to our underlying systems and we engineered a complete separation of duties.”

For more information on Atlas Travel, visit atlastravel.com. For additional details on Prime Numbers Technology and the upcoming launch of Travel HD, visit primenumberstechnology.com.


About Atlas Travel

Atlas Travel is an award-winning travel management company offering corporate travel management and vacation planning, as well as meeting, incentive, convention and event services. Headquartered in Milford, MA, Atlas Travel offers Atlas Travel Concourse, an innovative suite of solutions and services to deliver easier travel and better management to companies around the globe. Atlas Travel provides worldwide assistance to clients as an affiliate of BCD Travel, the third largest global travel organization in the world. Atlas Travel is a division of Atlas Travel & Technology Group Inc.

About Prime Numbers Technology

Prime Numbers Technology (PNT) is dedicated to helping clients drive significant savings in business travel spend through industry-recognized travel analytics and benchmarking solutions, including Travel GPA, Travel GPA+ and the soon-to-be-released Travel HD. PNT provides a comprehensive suite of solutions including travel reporting and benchmarking analytics, dashboards, travel policy management, best practices and ROI analysis. The company is led by a team of travel professionals with tactical expertise in various travel sectors including global distribution systems, travel management companies, travel suppliers and publicly traded travel IT developers. PNT technology is licensed by some of the most recognized names in business travel with global representation by many of the Fortune 100 corporations and Top 10 travel management companies. PNT is a division of Atlas Travel & Technology Group Inc.


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