Atlas Travel Vacation Consultant Attends Luxury Travel Conference

By Thecla Vis, Atlas Travel Vacation Consultant

ILTM, Cannes, France, Conference (say that 3 times fast!)

Part of Atlas Travel’s ongoing commitment to providing the best possible experience to our customers is establishing relationships with the best purveyors in the industry. In December of 2012, we were honored to be selected to attend the annual International Luxury Travel Market held in Cannes, France. This invitation-only gathering of the world’s premier agencies establishes us as one of the elite providers of high-end travel.

Image courtesy ILTM.

International Luxury Travel Market, Cannes. (Photo courtesy ILTM Facebook page)

I was thrilled and excited to have been Atlas Travel’s representative among 2,000 industry professionals at this prestigious affair. The three-day event, held at the famous Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, featured three floors of exhibitors eager to inform us of their offerings, from individual hoteliers, realtors and tour operators to national and international tourism boards. It was a veritable smorgasbord of travel delicacies and tourism treats. What this city’s film festival is to cinema, the ILTM conference is to travel.

My days were packed with 20-minute informational appointments, fifteen each day, punctuated by the mad scramble to find the next booth in this massive multi-tiered convention hall. The array of available experiences is amazing. I met with so many wonderful vendors that it would be impossible to give due credit to each one, however, a few in particular stood out. HL Adventures offers luxury camping in heated tents on Icelandic glaciers under the Northern Lights, fully catered by gourmet chefs, with visits to ice caves and volcanoes. The film they showed me only hints at the majesty and romance of this adventure.

HL Adventures tentcamp at Reykjanes, Iceland.

HL Adventures tentcamp at Reykjanes, Iceland. (Photo courtesy HL Adventures Facebook page)

Do you want to add another dimension of refinement to your next vacation? Consider renting a red Ferrari from Red Travel and touring the Tuscan countryside in style. They graciously provided my ride back to the hotel in a fine, black Maserati, allowing me to feel the rich roar of this elegant machine.

If you think that luxury travel is strictly an adult experience, then you have not heard of Le Burgundy Hotel, located off the Champs-Élysées in Paris. They offer connecting family suites featuring children’s rooms filled with large white teddy bears, video games and gleaming silver sports cars; children’s activities including origami, baking classes, face painting, balloon art and museum visits; and amenities such as baby-sitting services, a children’s butler and even their own bath robes and slippers!

Children's room in Le Burgundy Hotel. (Photo courtesy Le Burgundy Hotel website)

Children’s room in Le Burgundy Hotel. (Photo courtesy Le Burgundy Hotel website)

Although most of the day was taken up visiting the many exhibits, there was more to the ILTM experience. EuroPanache, providers of extraordinary experiences in France and the United States, graciously sponsored a lunch and dinner for us. If you have ever considered renting a yacht, taking a helicopter tour, or visiting private art collections or wine estates, EuroPanache are the ones to make it happen. Amsterdam’s De L’Europe Hotel hosted a diamond-themed party featuring an actual diamond as a distinctive door prize. The Hotel Martinez threw the ultimate bash, inviting all 2,000 conference attendees for a night of music, dancing and revelry. Another night, a caravan of two-dozen Citroens (the legendary  Deux-Chevaux) sporting a rainbow of Lamborghini colors, chauffeured us to Villa Archange, a 2 Michelin Star restaurant in Le Cannet (a suburb of Cannes). Bruno Oger, world-renowned chef, allowed us in his kitchen and treated us to dozens of sumptuous appetizers and desserts. These were but a few highlights of the conference’s multitudinous functions and fêtes, all allowing us to experience the delightful offerings available to ambitious travelers.

The multi-colored Citroens, also known as Deux-Chevaux. (Photo by Thecla Vis)

The multi-colored Citroens, also known as Deux-Chevaux. (Photo by Thecla Vis)

The ILTM conference introduced me to a wealth of exciting and inviting new opportunities for Atlas Travel customers. Having always prided myself on providing unusual and exotic adventures, I was ecstatic to discover an array of amazing new prospects that I never dreamed existed. If you want the vacation that you will remember forever, the possibilities are endless!

To learn more about these and other specialty travel experiences showcased at ILTM, contact Thecla Vis at 508-488-1109 or thecla.vis@atlastravel.com.

2 comments on “Atlas Travel Vacation Consultant Attends Luxury Travel Conference

  1. Thecla, wonderful blog post. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity…congratulations on being invited!

  2. Great job Thecla…

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