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Atlas Travel’s Code Red at Sea Teaches Valuable Lessons

Lea Cahill, COO at Atlas Travel

On Wednesday, June 13th, a group of Atlas Travel customers boarded The Odyssey cruise in Boston Harbor for an afternoon of risk, security and important lessons. Following a welcome by Atlas Travel President and CEO Elaine Osgood, Atlas Travel’s new Chief Operating Officer Lea Cahill introduced herself and provided a behind-the-scenes look and update on what Atlas Travel has been doing with infrastructure/technology/mid- and front-office operations. She also explained Atlas Travel’s new Duty of Care technology offering called “Plan A.”

Atlas Travel staff and clients.

Then, International SOS took center stage and put the group into a two-hour Code Red situation: your company’s travelers have been impacted by a mall attack in Saudi Arabia. The group had to assume various roles in this fictitious company and think about how each would respond when he or she heard that the company’s travelers were at risk. Immediately the phone rang and the “CEO” was on the phone asking his security officer (played by Cindy Sauter, Atlas Travel vice president of sales) what was happening, how many travelers have been affected and how does she plant to get their people home. Cindy wasn’t aware of the situation and could only say she would find out and get back to him. The CEO was not impressed.

When the phone rang again, it was the spouse of a traveler calling the Human Resources manager (played by Theresa Ryan, Atlas Travel’s new director of client services). The voice on the line said, “I’ve heard there is a problem. Where is my husband? Is he OK? I’m scared…was he hurt?” Human Resources did a good job in reassuring the wife, but could do little to answer her questions and told her she would call her back.

The group then learned how this scenario could be different with International SOS, a member of Atlas Travel’s global resource team. A great deal was learned and the clients in attendance said that they felt that this was a valuable exercise…far better to be role-playing than to actually find yourself in this situation without the answers needed.

Atlas Travel staff and representatives from ISOS.

Following the Code Red, the group was able to relax as The Odyssey set sail for lunch and a tour of Boston Harbor.

Based on the positive feedback, Atlas Travel plans to repeat this experience so that other clients have the opportunity to participate. If you would like to be placed on an invitation list for future dates, please contact your Atlas Travel account manager.

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