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Welcome Lea Cahill!

A Message from Atlas Travel President and CEO Elaine Osgood…

I am very pleased to introduce Atlas Travel’s new chief operating officer, Lea Cahill. Lea has been in the travel industry in New England since 1984, and has become a true leader in travel management company operations and travel technology, honing a skill set that is singular in this industry. During her 25-year tenure at Garber Travel, now FCm Travel Solutions, she learned every facet of the business starting as an intern and then proceeding from a full-time corporate agent and meeting planner (and working weekends as a leisure agent) to developing new skills through various management positions. As these skills broadened she was given additional duties running Special Teams for travel programs including the travel operations of the Kerry/Edwards Campaign.

In 2004, she was named director of operations for all U.S., Canada and United Kingdom operations. Her skills in technology deepened at this time, as technology became more important in the travel industry and she began point of sale due diligence with potential partners ITA Software and G2Switchworks (during which time G2 was purchased by Travelport and the point of sale product became what is now known as the Travelport Universal Desktop). She became vice president of travel technology and operations, responsible for the acquisition or development of technology and process engineering in use at the agency and its other divisions handling meeting, incentive, convention and events, as well as 24/7 operations. She represented North American operations in FCm global projects and initiatives.

She has spent the last three years as director of product management, definition and strategy at Amadeus IT North America. She has been responsible for not only Amadeus’ agent desktop product, Amadeus One, but her duties were expanded to direct product management for corporate products throughout North America. She is listed as an inventor on the patent pending feature of Amadeus One known as the Flexible Agent Airflow, along with the Engineering and User Experience inventors.

In addition to all of this,  Lea is a certified meeting planner and a certified travel consultant (CTC).

Bringing Lea into the Atlas Travel family answers her desire to return to TMC operations and adds a dimension of large operation expertise that will help Atlas Travel meet its growth and technology goals in the coming years.

I hope you will join me in welcoming Lea to the Atlas Travel team.

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