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The Atlas Reconciliation Report Can Make Your Life Easier

One of the great things about working at Atlas Travel has long been the culture of innovation and the ability for every employee to make a difference. One of our corporate agents long ago coined the term “The Power of One,” when talking about how Atlas employees are empowered to think out of the box, challenge the status quo and provide quick solutions for customers.

The Atlas Reconciliation Report is the brainchild of Atlas Manager or Accounting & Finance Pam Leal.

With that exact spirit in mind, Atlas Manager of Accounting & Finance Pam Leal developed a special custom report to address the needs voiced by a few clients who were having trouble matching up travel charges with their credit card statements. Those who have used it say it saves time and makes their job easier when reconciling travel costs charged on credit cards. The Atlas Reconciliation Report offers all information including traveler name, department number, etc. for a specified time.

One recent customer responded, “HUGE timesaver! I wish I had said something sooner because this report really helps out.”

If you would like to test the Atlas Reconciliation Report, ask your Atlas account manager to put this on your monthly report list. You may find, like others have, that it actually can replace multiple other vendor booking reports.

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