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Atlas Travel Partners with AirPlus International to Offer the P-Log

Your Virtual US Corporate Card With Extraordinary Controls

Atlas is pleased to introduce the only virtual corporate credit card designed for travel and entertainment expenses: the AirPlus P-Log (which stands for Purchase Log.)

The P-Log is a virtual MasterCard, which can be faxed to vendors for payment of travel and entertainment expenses in the United States. Unlike other virtual cards the AirPlus P-Log offers these features to help your company control T & E expenses:

  • Place an exact amount of credit on the account with a buffer to cover additional unknown expenses, such as taxes.
  • Set the expiration date for any period (for example to cover the span of one trip), though the face of the P-Log virtual MasterCard will show a standard three-year expiration date.
  • Unparalleled fraud protection through real-time cancellation ability and single merchant access.

This is the first in a series of articles about unique AirPlus payment solutions to help Atlas Travel corporate customers save money and control travel spend.

AirPlus International is a leading global provider of business payment options, helping organizations make savings on their business expenses and optimize their processes. Specializing in integrated payment and management information systems solutions, AirPlus handles over 100 million transactions every year and offers market-specific solutions in nearly 60 countries on five continents, assisting over 38,000 corporate customers and over 600,000 credit cards worldwide. AirPlus offers a complete payment suite, as well as unique invoicing options and high-quality reporting and analysis.


If you would like more information about how the P-Log can work for your company, please contact your Atlas Account Manager today.

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