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Business Travelers Need to Plan for London’s Summer of 2012

If you need to be in the UK during the Summer of 2012 (or typically fly through London to other destinations), be wise and plan now.

Dates you must be aware of: May 18 through September 12, 2012

In anticipation of the Summer Olympics taking place in and around London, the UK has planned a festival the size of which London has never seen. This means airline tickets are already difficult to get, airfares are higher, hotel rooms will be scarce or not available at all and ground transportation will take much longer to reach your business destination.

The best minds are saying, “Don’t travel on business in the UK next summer if you can help it.” If you must travel on business, please contact your Atlas team now to make advance plans so that we can help you make the best of the challenges that are sure to exist.

Here’s a short list of just some of the events planned in and around London:

  • May 18-July 27: Olympic Torch Relay
  • June 2-5: Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee
  • June 21-Sept 9: London 2012 Festival
  • June 25-July 8: Wimbledon
  • June 26-Sept 12: Olympic Village and Media Centre Open
  • July 27-Aug 12: Olympic Games
  • Aug 29-Sept 9: Paralympic Games

The London Festival is touted as the largest cultural event ever in London with more than 100,000 tickets available for concerts, festivals, plays, orchestra and dance performances and more. Events are being planned in all 33 boroughs in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office. While very exciting for locals and tourists, Atlas wants to help you now for business travel in the region.

*This post was sourced from our Communiqué, which creates and curates relevant travel news and information affecting our business travelers. You can view our most recent issue here.

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