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CSR + Your Next Meeting

Maureen Santoro, Manager of Group Operations for our Meetings + Incentives division, recently guest blogged on The Professional Assistant about a hot topic in the corporate world: CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and its evolving relationship with meetings. Incorporating CSR is a great opportunity for companies to consider, especially with the guidance of a professional meeting planner who can help find “the right fit for your needs.”

With over 20 years of industry experience, Maureen has a lot to say about the topic:

The list of companies that have CSR initiatives is growing and it’s not just small companies. Some of the names you might have heard that are known to have CSR programs include Morgan Stanley, Whirlpool, Xerox, Wyeth and Aetna, among others. These companies have incorporated CSR into their overall day-to-day corporate strategies, not just the company meeting. However, the company meeting is a good place to get started down the road of CSR.

Click here to view her whole blog post. To learn more about Atlas Meetings + Incentives, click here or call 800-776-9817.

Is your company participating in CSR initiatives? How has this involvement manifested in your company activities and/or meeting programming?

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