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Let the Conversation Begin…

Welcome to Atlas Travel Talk!

Today marks the launch of our official blog and our very first post. For over 25 years, Atlas Travel International has brought strategy, service, technology and quality to the travel industry, and now, we’re going social! Atlas Travel Talk is one piece of a much larger social media campaign that we are spearheading in 2012, encompassing a variety of popular social networking sites and some emerging ones you might not have even heard of yet.

In order to bring you rich, unique content, we’ll be updating Atlas Travel Talk several times throughout each week with news and perspective spanning all our divisions. Upcoming blog posts include a conversation about the future of technology, a visa and passport FAQ, a list of an Atlas corporate agent’s favorite airports, and more. You can find additional specials, info and conversation on our profiles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest, plus updates from our Community Manager, Molly McCoy. You can find links to all these pages at the top of our blog. As we explore the variety of social networking opportunities available to us, we hope you can find the right channel for you.

In honor of this giant step forward, we are also taking a moment to look back and acknowledge all the hard work and dedication that has led to 2012. And with “timelines” on the mind lately, we thought it would be appropriate to share Atlas Travel’s history in a similar way. To truly understand where we’re going, we must look at how far we’ve come.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to discussing travel with you this year.

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